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Pusher's Cookie Jane

Senior Pusher x Good Friday's Cookieshine

Pusher's Cookie Jane was a lucky find. She was actually a client's horse. Upon further investigation, I realized she was a Kuykendall bred TWH. After a lot of thought, I knew we just had to add her to our herd.

Pusher's Cookie Jane is an own daughter of Supreme Versatility Champion Good Friday's Cookieshine. PCJ is also the granddaughter of SVC Good Friday K. She shares the same sire as our Senorita Miss Autumn. Pusher's Cookie Jane shows the same level head we have come to know and love. 


PCJ was bred by Bob and Ann Kuykendall and raised by Rebecca Wolf. Rebecca imprinted her from the start, which shows! 

Good Friday's Cookieshine, PCJ's dam, was mentioned many times at Ann's funeral. She was a crowd favorite! From carrying Oklahoma State Senator Inhofe in parades to the kids around the pasture. I had found PCJ a few years before, but after hearing everyone talk about her dam, I just knew she was the perfect addition to our program.

Pusher's Cookie Jane is calm and easy going, but possess a big motor. She has substantial bone for her shorter stature. She has amazing hooves.


The Allen Moonshine (granddam) and Good Friday's Cookieshine (dam).

The Allen Moonshine, PCJ's dam, was purchased by the Kuykendalls sight unseen from the Box Hanging Three Ranch in DuBois, Wyoming. They requested their best, to be bred to Good Friday K. The Allen Moonshine produced a filly that lived up to their best hopes- "black, beautiful, and born walking and oozying with natural ability," as Ann describes Good Friday's Cookieshine.

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